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What is the purpose of an alternative art school? – Reading Group

i am posting this on behalf of: SHORT TERM SOLUTIONS

As part of our ongoing events programme Short Term Solutions invite you to the Sunday debates series in our semi-project space.

What is the purpose of an alternative art school?

The Independent Art School reading group on art/education

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How are we going to do this?

ok so we have started to add some text and previous journals on the site, go to the text tab and find a link to the first text – brecht’s ‘five difficulties’ and a space to discuss your thoughts on that up there.  also posts in the main thread of the blog will (hopefully) be categorised to make searching easier…

Welcome to Free School

We are Free School, a loose collection of artists, educators, writers and other interested bodies.  We have been running events in London for the past three years and feel that it is time to talk to people who are not in our immediate circle…