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Hands off our Common Wealth!

We have produced a fact sheet about the ideological nature of the government’s ‘austerity measures’.  Screen version here,  print version for easy duplexing and distribution here.

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The Sound of the Police

A bit of an aside, but I just thought that this picture needed sharing…

Police join protests in Tunisia – Africa – Al Jazeera English

Whoop Whoop!

The Denial of Class Antagonism

This text by Enda Deburca highlights the denial of class antagonism and suggests reasons for this-

Liberal democracy and capitalism do not exist. Masking the violence of class war!

Society does not exist.

“I think we’ve been through a period where too many people have been given to understand that if they have a problem, it’s the government’s job to cope with it. “I have a problem, I’ll get a grant.”

“I’m homeless, the government must house me.” They’re casting their problem n society. And, you know, there is no such thing as society.”

Thatcher was fed this quote by her Anglo American neo conservative think tank who used it in order to negate any subjective relation to the other. An ideological subversion of the radical connotations (that political fantasy always underpinning) reality) which was being espoused by the hated french poststructuralists.

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Plans for the Free School Fact Sheet

During a lively workshop at the Arts Against Cuts Direct Weekend we came up with a tentative plan for a Free School Fact Sheet to be distributed during the demonstration on the 29th.

It was decided to structure the pamphlet around a series of 20 questions.

Please suggest responses to the following questions, supported by whatever facts, figures, graphs, data that you have and we will compose them into short paragraphs.

It would also be great to have images illustrating the arguments. Please send any images to

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SAVE THE EMA stop this malicious attack on students from poorer backgrounds.

Take the money from the rich now

a tiny shovel

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Moving Towards a Manifesto.

I would like to propose the following points for consideration in moving towards a manifesto. I think ideological clarification about the reasons why we collaborate are very important at this particular time when we are subjected to an ideological and social war.


Following on from the discussion on the Brecht text that Andrew and I have been having here I thought I would put forward the following ideas about how to produce art politically;

‘literary works cannot be taken over like factories’ Brecht*

‘To make a political film is not the same as to make films politically’ Godard**

‘All art is subject to political manipulation except that which speaks the language of this same manipulation’ Zizek***

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moving towards a better understanding

Direct Weekend Fact-sheet Proposal

Dear Free Schoolers,

Last night I attended a meeting of Arts Against Cuts planning for the Direct Weekend which will take place on the 15 and 16th of Jan to plan actions for the week leading up to the main demonstration on the 29th.

One of things that was proposed is that we should have a workshop dealing with clear, factual, statistical and historical information supporting the arguments against the cuts. Perhaps the ‘There is an Alternative’ document could be a starting point and Free School might want to create a pamphlet to be distributed to the public during the march/actions.

It could be proposed and created as a workshop during the Direct Weekend.