Message from Hannah about New Gallery Event

Hello Free-Schooler’s

I just got this mail from Hannah who was involved with the occupation and actions before Christmas. It ties in with some of the off-list discussions some of us were having at that time which should perhaps find their way onto here. I may try and summarise those discussions and a forthcoming post. They have to do with some of our concerns about the ways in which the ‘Free School’ theme is being picked up by galleries and museums. It seems like the ‘Occupation and Protest’ theme is following a similar pattern. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, as Dave Beech has alluded to in one of the off-list discussions. It’s a big issue which needs to be looked at ‘on a case-by-case basis’ (shudder…).

We also need to have some kind of discussion about what information is circulated to the list and what comes here. Perhaps we should keep the list for events and formal postings and this space for discussion and debate.


Hey everyone,
This is an email I received from Lucy Alper, the manager of the New Gallery in Peckham, with an invitation to get more involved in and maybe speak at a talk she is organising around the recent student occupations and actions on 13th January 2011.

Lucy asked me to forward this invitation onto anyone else who I thought might be interested. If you do wish to present at the discussion, the format seems to be really open, you dont have to talk about a specific occupation or action, you can talk about any topic that you feel is relevant. The form of your presentation is also up to you, for instance it could be a more participatory workshop or discussion rather than a traditional presentation. I think the event and what Lucy is doing with the gallery as a whole is really exciting!

From: Lucy Alper []
Sent: 22 December 2010 14:54
To: Hannah Rose Mary Clayden
Subject: Invitation to talk at New Gallery London on student occupations

Dear Hannah

I’m writing because I understand you were involved in the recent student
occupations. Jake (Adorno’s Porno) passed me your email address, hoping
this would be of interest to you.

I’ve just been appointed manager of a gallery on the Peckham Road and am
committed to establishing it as a site of cultural and political

Given the current political climate, I believe it appropriate to screen
the Baader Meinhof Complex, I really want the film screening to be
followed with a lecture/talk/discussion on the recent student occupations.

Baader Meinhof Complex is to screen Tuesday 11th January,

I’d like the talk to go ahead the following Thursday 13th January.

I would love for you to attend and also to speak – it need be as formal as
you wish.

I’m currently speaking to representatives from the SOAS, LSE, UCL,
Goldsmiths and Camberwell college occupations, as well as those involved
in Leeds, Cambridge and Oxford. There will also be representatives from
the Coalition of Resistance campaign.

The nature of the event will be open to all and inclusive. Anyone can turn
up, sit round, listen and contribute. I’m attempting a drive towards
non-hierarchical, passionate exchanges in order to learn, teach and
disseminate ideas.

Please do let me know if you’d like to involved, and if so in what capacity.

I very much look forward to hearing from you!!


Lucy Alper
New Gallery London, SE15 5PY
+44(0)7990583308 // +44(0)7875330138


2 responses to “Message from Hannah about New Gallery Event

  1. i suppose it is the whole ‘radical chic’ thing of which the baader-meinhof komplex film is indicative of (of course the whole allure of the raf was tied into this, and i don’t have a problem with the making-terrorism-sexy aspect of the film as a reflection of that). yeah lets talk about this.

    on what we want to do with the blog – yes it can quickly get swamped with every event that is going on. i will think about a solution to this in jiggling the structure, in the meantime if we log posts with subjects they can be easier to find…

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