Plans for the Free School Fact Sheet

During a lively workshop at the Arts Against Cuts Direct Weekend we came up with a tentative plan for a Free School Fact Sheet to be distributed during the demonstration on the 29th.

It was decided to structure the pamphlet around a series of 20 questions.

Please suggest responses to the following questions, supported by whatever facts, figures, graphs, data that you have and we will compose them into short paragraphs.

It would also be great to have images illustrating the arguments. Please send any images to

I have slightly amended the original questions and removed one. Please feel free to suggest more amendments too.

I will also be working the Arts Against Cuts network and forum on this.

But Free School are taking executive responsibilities on this.

Here are the questions:

1. Does a household have to balance its books?

2. How much debt will an average student be in under the new fees regime?

3. How much would they have paid 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago etc? (a graph would be great).

4. What happens between the funding cuts and fee increase phases?

5. What is the deficit really?

6. Why aren’t the bankers in jail?

7. How many nurses do we get for one banker? (equivalent salary ratios)

8. How much have bankers cost the country?

9. How much have nurses cost the country?

10. What effective direct action can be taken against the bankers?

11. What would happen if the robber bankers left the country?

12. Why should the people be punished by the economy?

13. What are our real debts?

14. Why is the violence of capitalism being masked?

15. Is it wrong to be angry about all this?

16. Who runs the state?

17. Who’s getting cut?

18. Why is there hostility to the students?

19. Is this a class war?

20. How does Britain compare with other countries in terms of debt, wealth and education?


2 responses to “Plans for the Free School Fact Sheet

  1. sent to the free school email account by David Graeber

    Q: Our politicians say that just as every household has to balance it’s budget, with the government, it’ s just the same. Isn’t that just common sense? We all have to live within our means.

    A: The difference is that no one in your family is allowed to just make up money out of thin air, and then “lend” it to everyone else. That’s what government debt really is. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t really owe the money to China. 80% of the UK national debt is owed internally, to banks and investors in the UK itself. What’s more, those banks didn’t get that money anywhere, Mostly they just made it up. It would be as if you allowed your daughter to make up little IOUs, then “lend” them everyone else in your family, and then required everyone to turn one over every time they opened the refrigerator,or used the bathroom. And then when the family as a whole found it hard to pay your daughter back, everyone was told now they’d have to eat and use the bathroom only twice a day.

  2. Mr. Diamond head of Barclays says ‘bankers should stop saying sorry’. He has just given himself a 9 million-pond bonus. The grant budget in tower Hamlets is being cut by 9 million and the total budget will be cut by 15 million over the next three years. My colleague spoke to three parents he met last night who are soon to lose their jobs working in tower hamlets services, loads of people will loose their lively hoods. This is a disgusting injustice.

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