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Off Screen Project, 113 Dalston Lane

“Off Screen Project” (Fora de Campo): Opening Wed 23rd 6pm (free!)
a presentation of the Mozambique film archive by Catarina Simão
“film the people, and deliver these images back to the people” FRELIMO published slogan 1975

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Nollywood Free School, March 1st

Nollywood Free School at The Speaker Palace on Tuesday 1st March

with Nicola Woodham
Doors 6.30pm
Talk and discussion 8.30 – 9.30pm
Free entrance
14 Andre St Hackney E82AA

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Mask making workshop

I am running mask making workshop this thursday 2.00 brixton 0781 520 5585

make a full head helmet mask you just need a large to bring large tub PVA wood glue. these can be used for demo soon. Ring or text me andrew

make you own helmet mask!

Skype Discussion

We have been asked by Pippa Koszerek if she can interview us as part of an profile on alternative art schools that she is writing for Artist’s Newsletter.  We are going to do this via Skype tomorrow morning at 11am.  If you would like to take part please email and we will send you Pippa’s Skype address.

Please take a look at Pippa’s article on art school occupation here and John’s open letter below for further context.

What we are, what we do and what this blog is for

It seems to me that given the current scale of the debate about alternative arts education we should be as clear as we can be about what we are, what we do, our educational objectives and broader agenda. So here’s my shot at at that:

Free School in a New Dark Age is a small scale, no-cost, non-hierarchical arts education initiative (with an associated online debating forum).

Mass Debate, Saturday

ACTION TIME – Calling all agents….

Tomorrow Morning (Saturday 18th Feb.) The Space Hijackers will be teaming up with UK Uncut to target Barclays Bank.

We intend to be taking our newest protest tool “Mass Debates” out for
an test drive, and we’d love you to join us.

Dress fairly smart, and be prepared to get down to the nitty gritty of
this whole nasty business debating with Joe Public, The Police and
whoever else we happen across.


Soho Square

Game on…

Design a banner drop

If you are, like me, at work why not design a banner drop for the Really Free School –

Marx the Mole and Artaud

The political is fantastical and fantasy is political. A gathering to explore and affirm the historical roots of unfettered surrealist energy and the emancipatory thought springing from Marx and the collective body. A common space to meet and start to reclaim the eruption of unconscious energy channeled through art for everyone in an evocation of subterranean forces mixed with the documentation of protest. Reclaim the art space hijacked and privitised, by the forces of capital.

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Here Enter Not…

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