Here Enter Not…

Poster by Damien O’Connell for the Camberwell Art College occupation.  The text is from the inscription over the gate of the Abbey of Thèleme in François Rabelais’ satire on just about any form of authority Gargantua and Pantagruel.  the final line of the inscription reads:

Do what thou wilt;

Mikael Bahktin wrote a brilliant analysis of Rabelais and the carnival as a revolutionary site, published in English as Rabelais and his World. I will post up more on this at some point soon – one of the central thesis was that revolt is a bodily act, specifically linked to the lower body where generation and expulsion are sited.  This is linked intrinsically to humour, joy and excess, and that any attempt to reorder society that does not take these things into account is doomed to failure.  He (writing in the USSR in the 1930’s) was particularly critical of the po-faced nature of the Stalinists and Socialist Realism.


3 responses to “Here Enter Not…

  1. John Cussans

    This would make a great sticker for the protests. Sophie from ArtsagainstCuts is looking for sticker proposals. Not sure who posted this but will forward the link. JC

  2. it was i, i have passed on to damien, he is up for doing this as a sticker and is working on some more at the moment.

  3. please email designs to, Wednesday am lastest

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