Marx the Mole and Artaud

The political is fantastical and fantasy is political. A gathering to explore and affirm the historical roots of unfettered surrealist energy and the emancipatory thought springing from Marx and the collective body. A common space to meet and start to reclaim the eruption of unconscious energy channeled through art for everyone in an evocation of subterranean forces mixed with the documentation of protest. Reclaim the art space hijacked and privitised, by the forces of capital.

Whose Unconscious? Our Unconscious!

John Cussans talks on ‘Marx and the Mole’
Commonist Gallery TV screens our collected filmsOn CG TV –  Jo Betteridge,  Charlie Fox, Enda Deburca, Andrew Cooper, Anne-Catherine Le Deunff & Marguerite Fox, Mikey Georgeson, Dean Kenning, Kate Renwick, Jon Trayner

To make a one minute film for CG TV please talk to either artist facilitators -Andrew Cooper or Charlie Fox or email communist gallery t.v at

Charlie Fox performs ‘Ventriloquising Artaud’

Kieff will give a personal view on art and gentrification

Enda Deburca Voices are heard from the couch of death soul murder of eternity

And much more to be added soon

Food and refeshments available from Brick Box Cafe.


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