Off Screen Project, 113 Dalston Lane

“Off Screen Project” (Fora de Campo): Opening Wed 23rd 6pm (free!)
a presentation of the Mozambique film archive by Catarina Simão
“film the people, and deliver these images back to the people” FRELIMO published slogan 1975

113 Dalston Lane is hosting Off Screen (Fora de Campo) an on-going project by Catarina Simão which explores different means and contexts of presenting the Mozambique Film Archive, a national collection since 1975 of socialist film propaganda against imperialism and its influence. By presenting state and archival documentation as an open film library, during the current reanimation of negotiations between the Mozambique and Portuguese governments, Simão invites a new reading of the representational authority and political objectives invested in these sounds and images. As such Simão and 113 Dalston Lane will be hosting the Off screen project as a series of events over four days including screenings, talks and guided tours of the exhibited archive in an attempt to create a conversation and interaction with the works, generating a parallel in the sense that Simão does not intend to simply present an untouched collection but instead a malleable and manipulated product of constantly shifting political and cultural forces.
Off Screen Timetable
Wed 23rd: Opening Night 6pm Guided Tour with Catarina Simão 7pm

Thur 24th: 2pm – 7pm Open to the public. Guided Tour w/ Simão 7pm
Fri 25th: 2pm – 7pm Open to the public. Guided Tour w/ Simão 7pm
8pm FILM SCREENING from the Archive
Sat 26th: 12.00 – 6pm Open to the public. Guided Tours w/ Simão at 2pm + 6pm

Visitors should allow 2 hours for the guided tour. Please email us mail (at) if you are unable to see the exhibited archive at the above times and we will accommodate viewing hours by appointment.


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