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Images from March 26th

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Dave? We are coming to get you Dave!

Come and say hello/join us on the march against the cuts tomorrow! It’s our country and we want it back!

Notes on Marx and the Mole

John Cussan’s notes from his lecture on Marx and the Old Mole (or the Drudging Fiend), Free School 25/02/11 as a pdf

Hanging Out with Halo Jones Text by Maggie gray

Hanging Out With Halo Jones pdf

AAC – March Weekend

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Against Inoculation: An invitation to participate.

The Commonist Gallery was asked to give a talk about our activities and show the Commonist films as part of ‘If Not, Then What?’ run by Chelsea Programme. But we were unable to do this because we disagree:

1. With structure where some artists are paid and others are not
2. With the inoculation of real political action (such as recent demonstrations etc) through it being turned into a tool for marketing an exhibition which fails to address the contradictions of hosting such an event in a venue that seems to show little concern for the active promotion of social justice and widening the participation in art in a society increasingly divided by wealth, but actively promotes a culture of competition and marketing. Not only is it dubious whether an exhibition such as this achieves anything real in terms of the politics it latches on to, but by failing to examine its own internal politics, as exemplified in the unequal pay structures, it reinforces the hierarchies of art (artist class system, division of the paid and unpaid, the prestige economy of ‘names’ measured in terms of recognition and therefore publicity for the show) and is therefore not radical but reactionary.

The Possibility of Hope

I have added another couple of essays to the library;

John Berger ‘The White Bird’ (1985)


Paul Chan ‘Sublime Humility’ (2003)

Capitalism and Class Event, Sat. 5th

Jobs, water, debt, poverty, food, forests, war… Is single issue campaigning missing the wood for the trees?  Global justice campaigners in the developing world lament what they see as the increasing depoliticisation of British activism. This session asks if the two ‘C’s are still relevant to UK politics.


Doreen Massey, Professor of Geography, Open University
Richard Seymour
, Lenin’s Tomb
Phil McLeish, legal advisor to Climate Camp
Anthony Painter, author of Barack Obama: Movement for Change

Time and venue

15:00-16:30; Rich Mix venue 2

Something Wicked this Way Comes

I thought I would write up a few notes on the discussion of End of the Wicked last night. I was struck by the difference within the film between what I understand about traditional West African witch beliefs (admittedly very little) and the narrative of the film, which seem to be entirely within the Christian narrative of anti-witch demagoguery. Continue reading