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Day of Inaction, June 30th

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Anne Robinson’s notes from her talk on skiving as a revolutionary political activity (with reference to Chaplin and Buñuel) at the toilet gallery are available here.

Hands Off Our Public Services

 The communist gallery t.v booth (CGTVour info- will be at this anti cuts fair this sat . i will be there at 9.30 to set up it would be great if any of you could join me at some point in the morning. It would be good to link up with what these people are doing i have taken part in several effective and imaginative protests organised by them including the barclays bank give back the bonus and a wonderful tour of ‘bankerland’ where i learnt many things. Andrew

If you start ranting I’m gonna break your ribs

The notes from my talk on the Ranters at the Toilet Gallery on Saturday 4th June (as a pdf)