Hands Off Our Public Services

 The communist gallery t.v booth (CGTVour info- http://art-agora.blogspot.com/2011/01/towards-manifesto.html) will be at this anti cuts fair this sat . i will be there at 9.30 to set up it would be great if any of you could join me at some point in the morning. It would be good to link up with what these people are doing i have taken part in several effective and imaginative protests organised by them including the barclays bank give back the bonus and a wonderful tour of ‘bankerland’ where i learnt many things. Andrew
Hands Off Our Public Services
June 8, 2011 //


The Tower Hamlets Anti-Cuts Fair

Cranbrook Estate Tenants Hall, Mace Street, Bethnal Green E2 0QS

Saturday 11th June, 10.30am to 1.30pm

HOOPS is calling on all anti-cuts campaigners and those who want to learn how to fight the cuts to come together on 11th June to discuss how we organise our opposition to the government’s savage attacks on our public services and local communities. All welcome. The programme for the day will include:

Discussions on:

·                         Housing – the government wants to scrap secure tenancies for council tenants, push up rents to 80% of the market rate for RSL tenants, push homeless families into the unregulated private rented sector and cut Housing Benefit.

·                         Education – student fees and the scrapping of EMAs brought students and pupils onto the street, but the attacks on the principal of free and comprehensive education continue. In Tower Hamlets, cuts are already affecting children’s education, particularly those with special needs. Youth clubs and other services for young people are also being cut.

·                         Tower Hamlets Uncut & Campaigning – there are a range of tactics local groups can use to raise awareness and build campaigns: using the media, lobbying and petitioning, demonstrations and occupations.

·                         The NHS – hundreds of jobs are threatened at Barts and the London, while GP surgeries encouraged to become businesses, but Lansley’s Bill is in crisis – we need to build the local pressure for it to be scrapped.

There’ll also be banner making, face painting, food and drink.


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