After the Car Crash

Here are the texts that the presentations that John Cussans, Andrew Cooper and I made at the ‘It Started With a Car Crash’ event at the Slade on the 18th October were based on.

Andrew Cooper – The Mask of Freedom

John Cussans – The Paradoxes of Protest

Jon Trayner – Not a Manifesto

Both John and Andrew’s texts are very interesting for different reasons; John analyses recent developments to academic culture and their implications for what he describes as ‘protest pedagogy’ and his discussion on Willem Schinkel’s description of the structure of contemporary art.  Andrew’s text, which he describes as ‘at a formative stage and unfinished’, is a more far reaching examination of the connections between politics and (visual) culture and why a understanding of this inter-dependence is vital for the production of meaningful art.  My contribution was a non-manifesto that was written for the Communist Gallery and attempts to articulate some of the problems relating to the inoculation of politics by the mechanisms of art.  A text from Dean Kenning, on the ring-fencing of the arts and humanities by the economic elite within education will follow…

(diagram by Andrew Cooper)


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