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Plans for a Free University at the Bank of Ideas

Plans are underway to create a Free University in relation to the OccupyLSX encampments and the Bank of Ideas. There will be a planning meeting taking place on Friday 2nd December at 5 pm at the Bank of Ideas site in the repossessed UBS bank in Sun Street.

Manuel Castells at Occupylsx

This a rare opportunity to see Manuel Castells speak in London. I have a feeling this will be seriously well-attended and may be shifted to the Bank of Ideas building on Sun Street. Keep an eye on the Occupylsx site for details. Castells is a Spanish urban sociologist who was the first to systematically map the dominant characteristics of what he called The Information Society. His work has been incredibly influential in analyzing the ways in which information networks shape the society as a whole. He identified a number of key characteristics of the network society, such as the space of flows, timeless time and real virtuality.

Details here:

‘Télémaque in Marmelade’ Talk at X Marks the Bökship

I will be giving a talk ‘Télémaque in Marmalade’ at the launch of a volume of new works by ARTicle press at Unit 3, 210 Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 9N on Saturday 3rd December 2011 at 6.45 pm.

This presentation will be in preparation for the talk I will give at the 2nd  Ghetto Biennale in December. It tells the story of how Vodou coincided with Mesmerism in pre-Revolutionary Haiti and the implications of this encounter for future representation of Haiti and Vodou in Western popular culture. The presentation will also be touching in the topic of paranoid critical theory. Continue reading

Police Infiltration of Free School Uncovered!

this shock confession was recorded at our recent event at Five Years

Nice Day for a Walk

Route of march here.  Police tactics ahead of tomorrow, here and here.

Them pesky kids eh!

A Communication from Rasputin’s Severed Penis

I recently received this document, entitled The Politics of Further Education, from an individual working in the FE sector who preferred to remain anonymous.  It gets pretty Kafkaesque in places and would probably be quite funny if it wasn’t true, enjoy!

extract from email conversation:

RSP – ‘I do NOT want this going out under my name as it could go down badly should my employers (current or future) google me. But you can publish it under my pseudonym Rasputin’s Severed Penis’

JT – [reads article] it really is the description of a police state; the laws are so excessive that everyone is compelled to break them continuously, in which case punishment is no longer for failure to obey the ostensible laws but for failing to make the correct gestures of obedience, the crime with which you are initially charged is entirely arbitrary and incidental.

RSP – Completely agree with your description of a police state. Everything seems to be getting more and more bizarre and the symbolic fictions seem to be increasingly detaching from any mooring in reality. As the pendulum of real power swings from West to East the West clings increasingly fervently to its ideological constructs, which are now completely, hopelessly fractured and inconcomitant… and up to now we’ve only had the good bit of capitalism. Oh Fuck.