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                                                       Upstairs at the Exmouth Arms

                                                                    1 Starcross Street, Euston, NW1 2HR

                                                               6.30- 8.30pm

                                                        Wednesday 30th May 2012

We are good at describing the malaise, and texts from radical thought loom large on reading lists and in seminar discussions, but recent and imminent changes in education with the restructuring, cuts and job losses that come in their wake seem to have caught us on the back foot with an apparent schism between theoretical radicalism and our ability to act collectively.

How can we take a more active stance in relation to art and education and build on different initiatives from colleges and activist groups responding to the current politics of art and education? The monthly Exmouth Arms talking shops are intended to open up a space in which to formulate arguments and promote exchanges between institutions and interest groups to hopefully foster new allegiances and suggest strategies for resistance and reasserting shared responsibility.

Instrumentalism, student as customer, the for-profit sector in Higher Education, the future of foundation courses, art in schools, art teacher education, intern culture, the role of the unions, acceleration of neo-liberal agendas, corporate permeation in the arts ….

The evening will be structured around four or five informal presentations: up-dates, polemics, proposals for actions, testing ideas, calls for collaboration… and discussion.

OPEN TO ALL: Please come early to avoid disappointment! Small donation towards room hire gratefully received.

For further information or if you are interested in speaking please contact: Margot or Corinna


Open call from the Communist Gallery

we have all been pretty busy with our own projects/jobs recently so there has been little free school activity.  however we are still doing stuff so if you are interested get in touch.  in the meantime here is a call-out from the communist gallery, that shares several members with the free school…

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