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Manuel Castells speaking at Occupy LSX

‘A SYSTEM OUT OF CONTROL DESTROYING PEOPLES LIVES’_Manuel Castells speaking at Occupy LSX filmed with my phone- 25/11/11


Occupy London Tours presents…

Tuesday 6th December.
Meet at St Paul’s at 4.15 or Canada Square, outside Canary Wharf tube, at 5.00. Look out for the tour guide with the umbrella!

Canary Wharf – one of the hottest destinations that London has to offer. Marvel at the sights and sounds of the UK’s newest financial district, from tax avoidance and bonus bonanzas to financial mismanagement and dirty tricks.

Join Occupy London for this unique tour as we uncover the true story of the mess we’re in…

Liam your Tour Guide

“Without doubt, the most exciting tour in London. Five stars”. The Evening Standard

Design for a Beer Mat for Pubs Near Art Galleries

Hands Off Our Public Services

 The communist gallery t.v booth (CGTVour info- will be at this anti cuts fair this sat . i will be there at 9.30 to set up it would be great if any of you could join me at some point in the morning. It would be good to link up with what these people are doing i have taken part in several effective and imaginative protests organised by them including the barclays bank give back the bonus and a wonderful tour of ‘bankerland’ where i learnt many things. Andrew

Against Inoculation: An invitation to participate.

The Commonist Gallery was asked to give a talk about our activities and show the Commonist films as part of ‘If Not, Then What?’ run by Chelsea Programme. But we were unable to do this because we disagree:

1. With structure where some artists are paid and others are not
2. With the inoculation of real political action (such as recent demonstrations etc) through it being turned into a tool for marketing an exhibition which fails to address the contradictions of hosting such an event in a venue that seems to show little concern for the active promotion of social justice and widening the participation in art in a society increasingly divided by wealth, but actively promotes a culture of competition and marketing. Not only is it dubious whether an exhibition such as this achieves anything real in terms of the politics it latches on to, but by failing to examine its own internal politics, as exemplified in the unequal pay structures, it reinforces the hierarchies of art (artist class system, division of the paid and unpaid, the prestige economy of ‘names’ measured in terms of recognition and therefore publicity for the show) and is therefore not radical but reactionary.

Mask making workshop

I am running mask making workshop this thursday 2.00 brixton 0781 520 5585

make a full head helmet mask you just need a large to bring large tub PVA wood glue. these can be used for demo soon. Ring or text me andrew

make you own helmet mask!

Marx the Mole and Artaud

The political is fantastical and fantasy is political. A gathering to explore and affirm the historical roots of unfettered surrealist energy and the emancipatory thought springing from Marx and the collective body. A common space to meet and start to reclaim the eruption of unconscious energy channeled through art for everyone in an evocation of subterranean forces mixed with the documentation of protest. Reclaim the art space hijacked and privitised, by the forces of capital.

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The Denial of Class Antagonism

This text by Enda Deburca highlights the denial of class antagonism and suggests reasons for this-

Liberal democracy and capitalism do not exist. Masking the violence of class war!

Society does not exist.

“I think we’ve been through a period where too many people have been given to understand that if they have a problem, it’s the government’s job to cope with it. “I have a problem, I’ll get a grant.”

“I’m homeless, the government must house me.” They’re casting their problem n society. And, you know, there is no such thing as society.”

Thatcher was fed this quote by her Anglo American neo conservative think tank who used it in order to negate any subjective relation to the other. An ideological subversion of the radical connotations (that political fantasy always underpinning) reality) which was being espoused by the hated french poststructuralists.

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SAVE THE EMA stop this malicious attack on students from poorer backgrounds.

Take the money from the rich now

Moving Towards a Manifesto.

I would like to propose the following points for consideration in moving towards a manifesto. I think ideological clarification about the reasons why we collaborate are very important at this particular time when we are subjected to an ideological and social war.