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Message from Hannah about New Gallery Event

Hello Free-Schooler’s

I just got this mail from Hannah who was involved with the occupation and actions before Christmas. It ties in with some of the off-list discussions some of us were having at that time which should perhaps find their way onto here. I may try and summarise those discussions and a forthcoming post. They have to do with some of our concerns about the ways in which the ‘Free School’ theme is being picked up by galleries and museums. It seems like the ‘Occupation and Protest’ theme is following a similar pattern. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, as Dave Beech has alluded to in one of the off-list discussions. It’s a big issue which needs to be looked at ‘on a case-by-case basis’ (shudder…).

We also need to have some kind of discussion about what information is circulated to the list and what comes here. Perhaps we should keep the list for events and formal postings and this space for discussion and debate.


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Welcome to Free School

We are Free School, a loose collection of artists, educators, writers and other interested bodies.  We have been running events in London for the past three years and feel that it is time to talk to people who are not in our immediate circle…