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Hennessy Youngman on Grad School

Open call from the Communist Gallery

we have all been pretty busy with our own projects/jobs recently so there has been little free school activity.  however we are still doing stuff so if you are interested get in touch.  in the meantime here is a call-out from the communist gallery, that shares several members with the free school…

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Art Thoughtz on Institutional Critique

Manuel Castells speaking at Occupy LSX

‘A SYSTEM OUT OF CONTROL DESTROYING PEOPLES LIVES’_Manuel Castells speaking at Occupy LSX filmed with my phone- 25/11/11

Police Infiltration of Free School Uncovered!

this shock confession was recorded at our recent event at Five Years

Something Wicked this Way Comes

I thought I would write up a few notes on the discussion of End of the Wicked last night. I was struck by the difference within the film between what I understand about traditional West African witch beliefs (admittedly very little) and the narrative of the film, which seem to be entirely within the Christian narrative of anti-witch demagoguery. Continue reading

Off Screen Project, 113 Dalston Lane

“Off Screen Project” (Fora de Campo): Opening Wed 23rd 6pm (free!)
a presentation of the Mozambique film archive by Catarina Simão
“film the people, and deliver these images back to the people” FRELIMO published slogan 1975

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Nollywood Free School, March 1st

Nollywood Free School at The Speaker Palace on Tuesday 1st March

with Nicola Woodham
Doors 6.30pm
Talk and discussion 8.30 – 9.30pm
Free entrance
14 Andre St Hackney E82AA

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Following on from the discussion on the Brecht text that Andrew and I have been having here I thought I would put forward the following ideas about how to produce art politically;

‘literary works cannot be taken over like factories’ Brecht*

‘To make a political film is not the same as to make films politically’ Godard**

‘All art is subject to political manipulation except that which speaks the language of this same manipulation’ Zizek***

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Message from Hannah about New Gallery Event

Hello Free-Schooler’s

I just got this mail from Hannah who was involved with the occupation and actions before Christmas. It ties in with some of the off-list discussions some of us were having at that time which should perhaps find their way onto here. I may try and summarise those discussions and a forthcoming post. They have to do with some of our concerns about the ways in which the ‘Free School’ theme is being picked up by galleries and museums. It seems like the ‘Occupation and Protest’ theme is following a similar pattern. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, as Dave Beech has alluded to in one of the off-list discussions. It’s a big issue which needs to be looked at ‘on a case-by-case basis’ (shudder…).

We also need to have some kind of discussion about what information is circulated to the list and what comes here. Perhaps we should keep the list for events and formal postings and this space for discussion and debate.


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