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Hennessy Youngman on Grad School


Open call from the Communist Gallery

we have all been pretty busy with our own projects/jobs recently so there has been little free school activity.  however we are still doing stuff so if you are interested get in touch.  in the meantime here is a call-out from the communist gallery, that shares several members with the free school…

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Art Thoughtz on Institutional Critique

Manuel Castells speaking at Occupy LSX

‘A SYSTEM OUT OF CONTROL DESTROYING PEOPLES LIVES’_Manuel Castells speaking at Occupy LSX filmed with my phone- 25/11/11

Police Infiltration of Free School Uncovered!

this shock confession was recorded at our recent event at Five Years

Something Wicked this Way Comes

I thought I would write up a few notes on the discussion of End of the Wicked last night. I was struck by the difference within the film between what I understand about traditional West African witch beliefs (admittedly very little) and the narrative of the film, which seem to be entirely within the Christian narrative of anti-witch demagoguery. Continue reading

Off Screen Project, 113 Dalston Lane

“Off Screen Project” (Fora de Campo): Opening Wed 23rd 6pm (free!)
a presentation of the Mozambique film archive by Catarina Simão
“film the people, and deliver these images back to the people” FRELIMO published slogan 1975

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