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Andrew Cooper ‘Art and Class Struggle’

Here is a link to Andrew Cooper’s ‘Art and Class Struggle’ essay which was first presented as a lecture at the second DRUGG event in February this year.

Sea of Antagonism

A number of free-schoolers will be speaking at this event on Tuesday. John Cussans will be speaking about The Paradoxes of Protest Pedagogy in a ‘Research Culture’, Andrew Cooper will be talking about politically engaged art work drawing on his experiences with the Portman and Communist Galleries, Jon Trayner will be speaking about the uncertainties generated by his ‘This is not a Manifesto’ reading and Dean Kenning will give a short talk about his work for TATE education.

The event is free and open to all. Space is limited however to about 200 people. So if you would like to come along please email David Burrows at dumburrows@hotmail.com.

Hope to see you there. Continue reading